Other Writing & Awards



• Grant awarded, Literary Creation Projects, Ontario Arts Council, 2024

• Longlist, Guernica Prize for Literary Fiction, 2019

• Finalist, Marina Nemat Award, 2012

• Finalist, Random House Creative Writing Award, 2009-2010 and 2010-2011.

Poetry and Short Stories

• “The Paper Birch.” The Best Canadian Stories 2025. Biblioasis (Forthcoming).

• “The Zones of Heaven and Earth.” Augur Magazine (6.1), July 2023, pp. 26-35. (Excerpt) (Purchase)

• “The Paper Birch.” The Ampersand Review (Vol. 3)Winter 2023, pp. 47-59. (Purchase)

• “Over Ice.” The Hyphenated Generation (The Soap Box: Vol. VI)edited by Carine Lee, The Soap Box Press, Fall 2021, pp. 10-12. (Purchase)

• “Threads.” You’ve Gone Incognito (The Soap Box: Vol. V)edited by Carine Lee, The Soap Box Press, Fall 2020, pp. 29-31. (Purchase)

“Zahra.”  “Voices from the 11th Floor”, edited by Tali VoronThe Soap Box Press, 2019, pp. 13-19. (Purchase)

• “Under Frozen Soil.” Descant 162 (“Masala”), Fall 2013, pp. 103-113.

“Timid.” UC Review 2003-2004.


Academic Publications

“The ‘Caliphate Question’: British Views and Policy toward Pan-Islamic Politics and the End of the Ottoman Caliphate”. The American Journal of the Islamic Social Sciences (24:4).




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